What do we offer?



We see our website as an interactive platform that gives you the opportunity to first have a look round, read answers to frequently asked questions and generally find out about the services we offer. The website lives from your input and is intended to grow with and be shaped by you in our mutual exchange. This is why it is very important for us to hear your opinion, receive suggestions or desires. Only then can we best meet your needs. We have also created a section in which you can exchange information with others affected by cancer. However, it is currently difficult to implement a virtual forum for data protection reasons. That’s why we created what we call “love notes”. This is where you can share thoughts, sentences or short anecdotes that have helped you in the past with others. You can do this either anonymously or using your name. If you want, you can also add other details after the story such as your age and / or your cancer diagnosis so that those who are suffering a similar fate can automatically feel some kind of connection with you. Send your “love notes” to our e-mail address, we will take a look at the content and, depending on what your instructions on publishing are, we publish them. We also have a section on survivor stories in which you have the opportunity to share your story in more detail. In our “Find out more” section, you will find videos of presentations, podcasts and interviews on the subjects of body image, sexuality and fertility for those affected by cancer. Otherwise, we are constantly on the lookout for other fantastic services that are already being offered to people affected by cancer. We present these on the website and of course also provide you with the relevant links.

The website will thus develop constantly, with content being added and/or modified. So it’s certainly worth your while to stop by every now and again.

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