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“On the importance of body image, sexuality, and fertility in childhood cancer survivors”, the Angelones


Family from A to Z – Parents ask, experts answer – 2022-01-09

In Switzerland, around 300 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every year. Fortunately, 4 out of 5 of those affected are able to beat the cancer and thus count as cancer survivors. All’s well that ends well? No, because unfortunately successful cancer therapy can have side effects on body image, sexuality and fertility.

What traces does the cancer and the therapy leave behind? How does it all affect body image, sexuality and dating? What are the chances of starting a family of your own? What fertility therapies and support options are there?

Dr. Astrid Ahler is a reproductive physician and sex therapist and worked as a cadre physician at the Unispital Basel. With “Just ASK!” she initiated the first consultation hour for cancer survivors in Switzerland, which offers fertility and sex therapy consultations. Ms. Ahler is committed to ensuring that the issues of body image, sexuality and fertility are addressed in follow-up care.

Intimacy and Sex

Very interesting Podcast about body image, intimacy and sexuality taken from the the Regenerate App (ayaregenerate.com.au, section intimacy and sexuality) with two survivors (Jess and Nic, who also take part in our English podcast “the sofa without plush”) and Astrid Ahler. Here we talk about experiences of cancer survivors and how to deal with issues around these topics.


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