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Platform for your questions

You have some questions on your mind, questions that have been bothering you for some time and you have not plucked up the courage to ask them or you haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so? That’s why we’re here! There is no such thing as a stupid or weird question or one that is not worth asking! If you can’t find the answer to what you want to ask in our FAQ section or you need to pursue a matter further, then drop us a line! Depending on the topic, we’ll take a look at your question as a team and send you a response as soon as we can. Of course you are welcome to ask a specific person in the team your question directly. Just include the name of the person you want to look at your question and we will forward your mail accordingly. As many cancer patients are worried about asking questions themselves or do not know exactly how to phrase their question, so others will also benefit from your courage. This is why we have included the possibility in the form below for you to say whether you agree to your question being published in the FAQs on our website either anonymously or using your name and age. But it’s no problem if you don’t want your question published. Whatever you decide, we would like to take this opportunity of saying thanks for your trust!

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