“And even though I felt disfigured and uncomfortable due to the chemotherapy, I was able to learn one thing: beauty is transient and the exterior is only a packaging that changes with time. But what doesn’t change is the content and the person you are with all your facets.”

“Sometimes life presents us with challenges that we don’t see coming and as hard as cancer fate is, we can’t let it get us down because it’s up to us what we make of it.”

“When I look back on the time of cancer after 10 years, I also think of the light moments. Of the feeling of rain on my head, the privilege of being able to eat ice cream in bed at night, the closeness to my parents and, above all, my own strength, which I never thought I could muster.”

When I asked my mother why I fell ill and not one of my older siblings, she said: “Life is a balance between happiness and suffering, and suffering happens to people who are strong enough to endure it, and that’s you.”