justASKus Team

We are an interdisciplinary group of people who all work in different areas of cancer care and share a passion for the holistic care of cancer patients. We are all passionate about seeing and respecting the person behind our patients. Our goal is to accompany and support them not only during the therapy, but also afterwards to find their way.


Astrid Ahler

Founder and President

Doctor with focus on
desire for children,
hormone disorders,
sexual medicine,
Head of the ASK Consultation,

Melanie Lejeune


Haematology and paediatric oncology nurse UKBB

Dr. med. Tamara Diesch

Head of Paediatric Haematology/Oncology UKBB

Olivia Frick

Oncology nurse USB

Active members

Dr. med. Sjanneke Beutler

Doctor specialising in fertility, hormone disorders, adolescent gynaecology, Fertisuisse

Andreas Dörner

Psychooncologist, Head of Psychological Services, Claraspital

Dr. med. Simone Göttler

Doctor specialising in adolescent gynaecology, psychosomatics, sexual medicine, Centramed Riehen

PD Gideon Sartorius

Doctor specialising in fertility, hormone disorders, andrology (men’s health), sexual medicine, Fertisuisse, USB


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