How you can participate?

Our idea is to create our community together with you! Even if we try to think as good as possible what could help you, this is only a beginning and we can not really know without you! Therefore write us what you want, what you need, what you always wished for… We will try then to see together how we can make it happen!
We have also created places where you can share your story, thoughts, experiences (Love Notes, Survivor Stories) to exchange and share your experiences and encourage others to go your way! The more you are, the better, because you are certainly not alone! Our project lives from and with you, so you are welcome to join!

If you want to do even more and maybe interview or contribute to a podcast or be part of our workshops with photos or videos, you are just as welcome! There are so many ideas and we hope to offer you more with your help soon!

Share our website and your experiences with us on your social networks! Spread the word that we exist and what we do! The more who join in, the better!

One thing is for sure: we need YOU!


Write us an e-mail. We are looking forward to your question!