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We’ve got loads more ideas on how to extend our services and would also welcome any suggestions you might have.

Specifically, we want to develop an interactive website with details on the subjects of body image, sexuality and fertility. The various aspects should be dealt with systematically, including more detailed background information and explanations of side effects for both the body in general and sex in particular, as well as guidelines on therapy options. Furthermore, the area of exchange for those affected by cancer should be given more space, and videos and podcasts should be created by specialists and those affected by cancer. The whole thing is to be created as a form of co-design with people affected by cancer so we can create a platform together which really meets patients’ needs and is thus used by patients. We have already started international collaboration with teams that have already put something like this together. So we hope we will soon be able to start this project. This, however, requires sufficient time and also financial resources which is why we have started off by creating this justASKus website to be able to provide initial support now and hopefully appeal to people affected by cancer who would like to help us! If you are interested, please send us a quick e-mail!

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